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Summer Noon by SJArt117

This was really, really good. I like the shippings here. My only problem is maybe you could've made Dashie look a bit smoother when she's cuddlin' up to Soarin. I like Fancy Pants and Rarity, how they look. Fancy's horn seems a bit too long, though. Caramel and Applejack and perfect! They look SO cute together. Fluttershy and... Thunderlane, I think (?) look really good, as do Twily and Big Mac. Pokey looks really good, and so does Pinkie. Now I'm just typing because I don't have enough words for the 100 word minimum. So, again... great job with the vision on this! I bet it took you a long time, so props for you!
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10 out of 10 deviants thought this was fair.


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